Step 2 : What front style and size?

There are 3 front styles. The round, square or vee.

Sizing is determined by bridle size or browband length in inches.

Step 6 : Order it!

Two ways to order are through the contact page here or PM from the Facebook page.

Payment is due at time of order and preferred options are PAYPAL or ETRANSFER if in Canada. Shipping in Canada and US is $8.00 unless the order is a larger one then we can discuss the shipping rate. 

So lets hear what you can come up with!!

Follow these steps to a perfect FUN Bonnet for you!

Step 1 : Which FUN Bonnet Style?

There are 2 styles. Both are the same quality but the single has a finer feel and smaller filet (holes). Each includes 2 cords.

SINGLE - $60.00

DOUBLE - $30.00


  Step 3 : What color for the base and if you choose for the edge color(s)?

I generally keep all colors in stock and can layout schemes to help you decide.

  Step 4 : What cords do you like?

Each FUN Bonnet includes 2 cords, additional cords are $2 each. Some FUN Bonnets are made without cords so that is always an option.  

Gift Certificates

When you don't know what to get them or you forgot!

Prices are on the photos. All include shipping.

  Step 5 : RHINESTONE!!

So many to choose from!

Clear is $5.00 per row

Colored and Clear AB are $10.00/row

First set are set in silver cups and second in gold/brass cups. Same quality just different settings.

"For 'Ur Nag"